Open New Phase with
New Design

Come take a look at out latest design that would ignite love and passion for everyone in the family. Distinguish design, good functions, as well as expansive public green area… All of these at the heart of Chalong

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Residences designed to connect you with nature.


Located at the heart of Phuket, Fe’RICH is an exclusive residences with loads of nature, big trees, and quiet communities. Our Modern European Cottage style residences feature an open living space from entrance connected to the backyard and 360° natural view.



At Fe'RICH, we believe that design is being meticulously and paying attention to every minute detail. By doing so, we have incorporated aesthetic design, quality, and functions thus creating residences that give you the best living experiences.



Meet Our Newest Design

Improving on already great design, we add mezzanine floor to utilize our unique high ceiling to give you more space for the same footprint as well as integrate private pool into our residence.

~ 1-Story, Single-detached home with Mezzanine Floor
~ 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
~ 2 parking spaces
~ 160.0 - 170.0 sq.m.


Along with Designs that you love


~ 1-Story, Single-detached home
~ 157.40 sq.m. usable area
~ 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
~ 2 parking spaces
~ 360° garden view



~ 1-Story, Single-detached home
~ 154.60 sq.m. usable area
~ 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
~ 2 parking spaces
~ 360° garden view


More than just a house.


Fe'RICH is more than just a house – it's a neighborhood where all the great things happen not only just for you but also for your loved ones. We fulfill this by continuing our quests for the finest components to make your home the greatest place to live your life.


Build for Living

design that not just pretty

We truly believe that home is a place to live and to enjoy - a place to build memories as well as a future for your family. Therefore, we don't just make our residences beautiful, but we make them great place to live through and through. Every residence offers spacious bedroom, living area, as well as tons of storage spaces.


Surrounded by Nature

we love nature as much as you do

There are few things in this world that are more relaxing and serene than getting back to nature - the smell of fresh, clean air, and the sound of birds chirping can improve your mental and physical health as well as prolong your lives. At Fe'RICH, we offer you an opportunity to connect with Nature - to live, to hold, and to grow your family in this oasis at the heart of the city.

home automation 01.jpg

Smart all around

smart home for smart people

Advances in home automation or "Smart Home" are making life easier and more convenient. With so many benefits, we includes some of the home automation technologies into our residences - to make you feel safer, to automate some tasks, and to save money on energy bills.


Community of the privilege

small village for the selected few

Sometime bigger doesn't mean better. Who would like to live in crowded residence project with limited public space. At Fe'RICH, we offers big public space including expanded green area as well as values that are more difficult to achieve in the big city - Serenity, Calmness, and Security.

Living it up in Chalong.


Located near Chalong junction, Fe'RICH is truly an oasis in Chalong area - so convenient to commute either to the Phuket city (Old Town) or to various beaches people are talking about. Whether you're looking for places to shop, restaurants to eat, beaches to relax, or even international schools for your child, it's just right around the corner.